Junior Joe
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Once upon a time in Zombieville

Once Upon A Time In Zombieville is a unique and crazy audio cartoon for 6-12 year olds. Created with visually impaired children at it’s heart, Zombieville is set in a fantastical world with hilarious (and horrific) challenges to overcome using the wit and wherewithal of our visually impaired and dyslexic heros. 

The show tells the story of Jamie McSporran (Macs) who moves to a sleepy old town on the East Coast of America with his dad, an engineer at the local energy plant. There he meets Samantha Addington (Sam) daughter of the local G.P, who befriends him. Just as he’s settling in, BOOM! An underground explosion and his dad goes missing. The earth cracks and something strange ends up in the water supply – strong enough to wake the dead!

Check out the site: www.onceuponatimeinzombieville.com

Season 1: 8 x 9min
Created by: Bigmouth Audio
Production: Bigmouth Audio and Junior Joe
Broadcast: BBC UK