Junior Joe

Our Team


Our Team


Trevor Allan
Business Development

Trevor is the co-founder of Junior Joe, and he loves what he does (it’s true). He has thus made it his mission (it's actually his job) to meet amazing, like-minded people to work with.

Since Junior Joe’s inception, Trevor has worked on a slew of award-winning shows for CBC Kids, YTV, TVO, Nickelodeon and Toca TV alongside some of Canada’s most notable, and genuinely fun production companies.

Another interesting fact, Trevor is also the tallest member of Junior Joe. Some people assume this would intimidate kids, but in fact it doesn't. They actually really like him.
Which is nice. 



Michael Peter Olsen

Michael Peter Olsen is in charge of production at Junior Joe, a position he managed to obtain through years of production experience, but also by being kind of a goof. 

Michael is also a composer, plays the cello , and has managed to work with a whole bunch of great artists like Drake, Arcade Fire, The Hidden Cameras, Jim Guthrie and many others. Once he was even nominated for Grammy, (much to his bemusement). 

Michael loves the challenge of producing and composing music for kids as he finds them quite the savvy audience. Discerning taste in goofs.



Raghad Cararah
Social Media

Raghad is the digital marketer at Junior Joe. Aside from having the best library of dad jokes, she has put her English degree to good use as a publicity intern at Penguin Random House.

Raghad has a way with words and loves all things digital. You can find her busy writing music or playing with one of her four pets.