Music production for tiny humans


Junior Joe is an audio production company with an exclusive focus on kid’s programming.
We work with a small team of composers, voice directors, vocal coaches and casting directors all dedicated to creating great music for kids. We create songs, scores and sound design for award winning productions across Canada and abroad alongside our Glasgow UK based partners, Bigmouth Audio.
We are proud to have worked on many award winning series’ including The Adventures of Napkin Man, You and Me, Stella and Sam and Hi Opie!


    What We Do

    Score Composition
    Theme Composition
    Song Composition
    Sound Design
    Vocal Coaching
    Voice and Talent Casting

    Junior Joe is happily partnered with The Orange Lounge which offers 2 floors for live recordings, voice records, music editing, sound design and playback. We also have a dartboard, two dogs and a Rhodes in our lounge in case you feel frisky.


    Ben Pinkerton
    Jody Colero
    Ian LeFeuvre
    Vlad Nikolic
    Jane Heath
    Elaine Overholt
    Sean Nimmons-Paterson
    Trevor Allan
    Bowden the Dog

    Contact Us


    567 Queen Street West
    Toronto, ON M5V 2B6
    Phone: 416.537.1020
    Fax: 416.537.1720

    Head of Music Production:
    Trevor Allan

    Executive Producer:
    Jane Heath


    Bigmouth Audio
    36 Corunna House
    1103 Argyle Street
    Glasgow, G3 8ND.

    Creative Director:
    Stephen Scott